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Role of Image Processing in Cancer Detection and Treatments

R. Aktharunisa Begum


Image process techniques square determine extensive employed in many medical areas for image improvement in exposure and cure stages. Processing image may be a technique to convert a picture into digital form to make operations, increased image to associate with nursing or to extract some helpful data from it. Cancer Diseases characteristic by out of control growth.  There square measure over 100 different kinds of cancer and each cell first affected by class. Carcinoma is the uncontrolled growth kick off one or each lungs of abnormal cells. Blood cancer is Associate in nursing umbrella term for cancers that have an effect on the blood, bone marrow and system a lymphaticum. Carcinoma may be a cancer that forms in tissues of the breast. Carcinoma is ductal cancer is foremost variety which begins within the lining of the milk ducts. Bone cancer is either primary or secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer started within the bone at first fashioned, whereas secondary cancer started within the body and spread out to the bone. Abnormal cells in tissues in the brain causes brain tumor. Brain tumors is benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).


Cancer, Cells, Detection, Diagnosis, Disease, Enhancement Watershed, Exploitation, Feature Extraction, Fusion, Masking, Threshold, Tissue, Tumors, Segmentation.

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