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Nurses’ Appraisal System in the City of Manila: An Evaluation

Hou Lu, Dennis G. Caballes


This research study aims to evaluate appraisal systems in the nurses’ place of work, identifying the importance of the appraise and appraiser roles within the process to promote a positive and effective system. The difference in the perception of staff nurses, head nurses/nurse managers, and nurse supervisors in the appraisal system may pose difficulties, and inaccuracy of evaluating self, peers, and staff. Head nurses/nurse managers' high perception of performance appraisal signifies that they are the ones mostly conducting the process. There is clarity in the use of the standard tool for the appraisal process and this is clearly defined and discussed to all stakeholders. Performance appraisal must be the basis for salary increase and promotion. Future studies to include government hospital evaluation of the appraisal system, and the inclusion of patients’ evaluation in the appraisal system is also recommended.


Performance, Appraisal System, Nurses, Evaluation

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