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A Blockchain-Based Network Security System for Voting fingerprint

S. Kavipriya, C. S. Dhanusiya, C. Ashika Raj, Kajol Xavier


As technology advances, the goal of Blockchain-based E-Voting is to create a trustworthy voting system that contains all details and helps to prevent controversies during the voting process. Blockchain provides a decentralized architecture to run and support the voting scheme (i.e,) independently verifiable. It is used to secure an electronic voting system and Blockchain-enabled E-Voting could reduce voter fraud and increase voter access. In each ballot fingerprint sensor is placed, by each person’s fingerprint recognition, a voter can access the vote for a candidate. It brings out solutions to common problems like fraud, bribery, anonymous character of the vote, and absence of good independent monitoring.


Biometrics, Blockchain, Decentralization, E-Voting, Fingerprint

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