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Discovering Frequent Patterns from XML Data

M. Kalyan Chakravarthi, R. Srinivas


Currently many websites in the internet are built with the help of XML technology. XML is used to process semi-structured as well as structured data. Also XML was designed to transport and store huge volumes of data. Compatibility between different platforms can be easily achieved with the help of XML. To manage information stored in XML and to extract information in efficient way. Many techniques have been proposed to speed up the performance of XML data. The processing is known as “XML mining”. In this paper, based on the XML data structure, we are going to analyze the similar kind of patterns and propose the data mining technique about extracting the similar patterns from XML data. In this paper to speed up the performance we are going use FP-growth algorithm for mining similar patterns about the XML data structure. The proposed method using FP-growth algorithm applied to XML query subtrees surpass Apriori algorithm.


XML Data, FP-Growth Method, Data Mining.

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