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Query Extraction using Natural Language Processing

Ashish Tamrakar, Deepty Dubey


Motivating change has come in Natural language processing (NLP) has seen in both research direction and methodology in the past several years. Improved work in computational linguistics tended to focus on purely symbolic methods. Now various work is shifting toward hybrid methods that combine new empirical corpus-based methods, including the use of probabilistic and information theoretic techniques, with traditional symbolic methods. Need of Natural Language Query Processing is for an English sentence to be interpreted by the computer and appropriate action taken. Question answering to any databases in natural language is a very convenient and easy method of data access, especially for casual users who do not understand complicated database query languages such as SQL So this paper proposes the architecture for translating English Query into SQL using Semantic Grammar.


NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Morphology, Phonetic Rules, Syntactic, Semantic.

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