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Sentiment Analysis and Aspect Classification on Hotel Reviews

B. Sandhiya, N. Shanthi, A. Thara Pearlly, S. Sumathi


Analyzing the sentiment such as attitude, emotion and opinion will help to know about the individual opinion or perspective regarding a product or service. Sentiment analysis can be viewed as natural language processing task that aims to process and analyse the opinions, emotions and sentiments which are expressed in unstructured data. Sentiment analysis on English language has become important field of research area with many commercial applications such as hotels reviews, movie reviews, etc.

Hotels can be benefitted by using this sentiment analysis on hotel reviews to know whether they meet the customer requirement or not. Further aspect classification helps them know much deeper about the quality and service of the hotel. For the aspect classification purpose a machine learning model is built using suitable algorithm. The ultimate focus of this paper is to find the algorithm which gives best accuracy for our dataset.


Sentiment Analysis, Aspect Classification, Polarity.

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