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Metamorphosis Knowledge Probing of Guild Data through Chat Bot Using NLP

Rita Roy, D. Rajendra Dev


Artificial intelligence conversational entities, are called as chat-bots. Chat-bots are computer programs capable to carry out conversation between human and computer. This application can run on local computer, but it has to be accessed through the internet. Chat Bots conversation system is an intelligent human machine interaction using natural language which will be built using voice recognition techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms that will analyze user's queries which was given by the user and understand user's input [13]. This system is an application which will provide answers to the queries of the students. The machine has been installed with learning to distinguish the sentences and settling on a choice itself as a reaction to respond to an inquiry. Natural language processing algorithms are used for Noise Removal, Term frequency, Word Embedding and Cosine similarity of the content of the complaint. The biggest advantage is that student does not have to go to college for the enquiry and anyone can access this chat bot either through voice or text. Students just have to put their query to the bot by voice or text. Questions asked to the bot, which is not understood is further processed using a third-party expert, Admin and the response is archived, improving the artificial brain capabilities for future generation of responses.


Chat Bots, Graphical User Interface, Natural Language Processing

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