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Scalable Recommendation System with MapReduce

Kavin Nagasubramanian, I. Fazil Ahmed, T. Hariharan, S. Surya Prabhakaran, S. Karthiga


If the number of user grows in huge amount in a Recommendation System, the standard approach of sequentially examining each item and looking at all interacting users does not scale. In our proposed system we solve this problem by developing a MapReduce algorithm for the item comparison and Top-N recommendation problem that scales linearly with respect to a growing number of users. We use Similarity-based neighborhood methods for recommendation; infer their predictions by finding users with similar taste or items that have been similarly rated. In Mapreduce, the data to process is split and stored block-wise across the machines of the cluster in a distributed File system (DFS) and is usually represented as (key,value) tuples. It uses parallel algorithm which partitions the data across the clusters and in general it supports a wide range of similarity measures


MapReduce, Parallel Algorithm, Similarity, Pairwise Comparison.

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