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Intelligent Knowledge Based Heterogeneous Database using OGSA-DAI Architecture

G. Appasami, S. Karthikeyan


In this paper we present a framework to manage the distributed and heterogeneous databases in grid environment Using Open Grid Services Architecture – Data Access and Integration (ODSA-DAI). Even though there is a lot of improvement in database technology, connecting heterogeneous databases within a single application challenging task. Maintaining the information for future purpose is very important in database technology. Whenever the information is needed, then it refers the database, process query and finally produces the result. Database maintains the billion of information. User maintains their information in different database. So whenever they need, they collect it from different database. User cannot easily collect their information from different database without having database knowledge. The current database interfaces are just collecting the information from many databases. The Intelligent Knowledge Based Heterogeneous Database using OGSA-DAI Architecture (IKBHDOA) provides solution to the problem of writing query and knowing technical details of Database. It has intelligence to retrieve the information from Different Sets of Database based on user’s inputs.


Intelligent Knowledge Base (IKB), Heterogeneous Database, Automatic Query Generation (AQG), Relationship between database tables.

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