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A Comprehensive Study on Data Mining Process with Distribution

Dr. Rajayyagari Sivaram, Kethavarapu. Uma Pavan Kumar, Gummadi Kalyan Chakravarthy


In this paper we are going to present the concept of distributed data mining and the advantages of combined architecture which involves the concept of distribution as a backbone and the process of mining. To demonstrate the Distributed Data Mining concept we are presenting architecture with various levels of users, data, and networks. In this we also have had the usage of DMQL (Distributed Mining Query Language) and converter mechanism. After getting the required data we mentioned the security layer in the architecture so as to oppose the malicious software or data. The entire architecture depends on the usage of cloud computing which involves the migration of the different kinds of network data mining process


Distribution, Mining, DMQL (Distributed Mining Query Language), Cloud Computing, Converter.

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