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Smart Building Control System using Raspberry Pi and its Application using Bluetooth Beacon Communication

Dr. Ravi Mishra, Vipin Bhure, Shrikant Chavate


Electricity is currently the realm of main concern as a result of the energy consumption is rising very briskly and thus despoliation of energy is exaggerated most. So, it's necessary for a system that lessens the consumption of energy. This paper recommended a research work that encompasses a sensible system which has a capability to govern the entire system within the building like fan, motor and all lightning connected system. This control system is initiated with the concept which uses Raspberry Pi controller with Bluetooth Beacon Communication. With this propound system consumer can easily steer the various systems in their building. By using this kind of control system consumers can straightforwardly save their electricity. The proposed system plays curious role in energy efficiency. This paper suggests a non-stop tracking of appliances. The designed system will assist in decreasing the electricity despoilment by using continuous tracking and controlling the electrical appliances. This appliances controlling primarily based on sensors input with the help of Raspberry pi.


Bluetooth Beacon (BLE Beacon), Raspberry Pi Controller, Smart Control System, WSN (Wireless Sensor Network)

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