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A Study on the Mental Fatigue Factors and Stress Management of Teachers in the Times of Pandemic

Jastine Kent E. Florungco, Dennis G. Caballes


The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of all the industries around the world, and the education sector is no exception. Mental fatigue is being experienced by a number of teachers that were mandated to shift to online learning, which is new to everyone. These new system is being complicated by the heavier workloads the teachers must do, in addition to the online classes. On the positive side, they are able to withstand these difficult times with the help of taking some time to reflect and some breathers. The institutions are offering webinars in ensuring that the mental health of the teachers are properly addressed, but it was deemed that moral support can be of great help, especially in this hard times.


Fatigue, Mental Health, Rest, Workload

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