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Design of Power Quality Monitoring System Based On Labview

Amit Agrawal, Dheeraj Jaiswal, Dharmendra Kumar, F. Fareeza


Power Quality has become an important issue for electric utilities and the customers. Electronic devices are sensitive and can be easily disturbed by distortion like voltage sag, voltage swell, Interruptions etc. in the electrical power supply. Power quality analysis has been of utmost importance to experts which helps in determining any disturbances in the network and proposes if any fault is present in the system. Through effective power monitoring, system errors can be classified at an earlier stage and thus the safety and reliability can be improved.  The presented paper describes a virtual instrument used for monitoring and analysis of the relevant power quality parameters and power measurements. A multifunctional virtual power quality monitoring system is designed and implemented in LabVIEW environment. Data acquisition for data transfers to computer and a software by the Lab VIEW is designed and used for signal analysis. This system detects voltage and current harmonics up to and flicker on voltage detection; diagnosis and records the voltage drop as well as determines the abnormal voltage and current wave form of the harmonics in the power network. waveforms of the three-phase voltage and current signals can be calculated and displayed in the system.


Power Quality Monitoring, Virtual Instrumentation, LabVIEW™, Automatic Report Generation, p-q Theory.

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