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Computation of Outage Probability for Rician/Rayleigh Fading Environment with New Approach

Anjana Shukla, Dr. Vineeta Saxena Nigam


A new general outage probability expression for Rician/Rayleigh signal received among L Rician/Rayleigh interferes is derived.. New Rician/Rayleigh outage probabilities curves against the normalized reuse distance without lognormal shadowing effect are presented and discussed. The effect of SIR, Protection ratio , Rice factor K of signals, number of cochannel interferers L on the outage probability and reuse distance D have been investigated. By this new approach it is found in results that as reuse distance increases, outage probability decreases and for increase in protection ratio, outage probability increases.


Mobile Radio System, Rayleigh Fading, Outage Probabilities, Rician Fading.

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