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Sound Transmission Using Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Technology

D. Kirandharshini, D. Keerthana, P. Lakshmi Priya, B. Ambika


Wireless communication is that the need of the hour leads to a huge thirst for development of the means of communication. The devices use wireless communication to access the internet for sharing data, which unfortunately led to a rise in network complexity, shortage of wireless radio bandwidth, and an increased risk of interference of radio frequencies. Li-Fi technology is employed to transmit the info through communication using visible light by utilizing light-emitting diodes. Driven by the emerging crisis of Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum, Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a technology attached to the communication using visible light (VLC) offers many key advantages and effective solutions to the issues posed within the last decade. In Li-Fi technology, data is transmitted by light. LED emits the light which is absorbed by the solar panel and the data is received by the speaker. The concept describes and implements the planning of sound transmission using Li-Fi.


Fiber Optic Cable, LED, Li-Fi, RF, Solar Panel, VLC.

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