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Removal of Noises in ECG Signal by using Digital FIR-IIR Filter in VHDL

Ashish Kumar Belchandan, Khemraj Deshmukh, Jitendra Kumar


The structure of the ECG signal is time varying which is the supreme common source used for the purpose of diagnosis & observation and analysis of various types of diseases related to the heart in the patient. ECG recording is the process done by placing the electrodes in the specified positions at body of humans. During the process of recording, a noise distracted signal is applied to ECG signal and the ECG signal is also full of artifacts which always degrades the quality of it and establishes threats in the recording the absolute ECG signal. The artifacts mostly noticed are Power line Interference, Baseline Wander and muscle tremors. Therefore, for accuracy in the characteristics points of ECG, an ECG having good quality is essential. Generally, we notice that these kinds of noises are very common in the process and detection is needed. We found that FIR-IIR filter is giving suitability to increase the quality of it. So, here we are presenting an implementation of the FIR-IIR filter for reduction of artifacts using Xilinx EDA tool and the Power analysis is being done in X-Power analyzer by creating VHDL code and running it into Model Sim 3.1.


ECG Signal, FIR Filter, IIR Filter, VHDL, Xilinx, Model Sim 3.1.

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