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Study on Propagation Properties of Higher Order Bessel- Gaussian Beam through Different Optical System in Free Space Optical Communication

S. Vigneswaran, T. Nathiyaa, Arul Teen, K. Gokulakrishnan, K.B. Rajesh


In this paper, we consider the propagation of an high-order Bessel -Gaussian beam through the free space, ABCD lens optical system and lens axicon system. Based on the generalized diffraction Integrals, a general propagating formula of high-order Bessel beams is derived. Based on the derived formula of high-order Bessel beams passed through the ABCD optical system are numerically illustrated. From the numerical results we can get that when high-order Bessel beams propagates through a optical system, the shape of the output changes as the propagation distance increases, and the center of the output beam is effected by the parameters and can be controlled by adjusting them. This method, provides a convenient tool for the studying the propagation properties of high-order Bessel Gaussian beams.


Collins Formula, Hollow Gaussian Beam, Lens Optical System, Beam Propagation.

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