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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets for Medical Diagnosis Classification

Debashree Guha, Aijun Xue


In the real world, we often deal with vague information. The information available is sometimes vague, sometimes inaccurate, or sometimes inadequate. Among several higher-order fuzzy sets, the intuitive one turns out to be very useful. blur. In this article, we study medical diagnostic methods using the concepts of IFS theory. Intuitive medical diagnostic methods include intuitive fuzzy relationships. We propose a new technique called fuzzy max-min configuration and membership function relationship to study Sanchez's medical diagnosis method and the concept of intuitive fuzzy set.


Fuzzy Set, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set (IFS), Membership Function, Non- Membership Function, Hesitation Margin, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relationship (IFR).

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