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Intelligent Extraction of Optimum Power from HRES Using MPPT Variants

Y. Murali Krishna, V. Subrahmanya Aditya, A. Jawahar


The paper focuses on the intelligent extraction of optimum power by using different MPPT techniques and its dispatch from a grid tied hybrid generation system comprising of a synchronous generator based wind generator and a Photo-Voltaic generator. Although maximum power point tracking techniques such as Fuzzy Controller and OPPT technique such as PSO algorithm is implemented for PV generator, power extracted from PV system is a fuzzy function of the dc link voltage, its rate of change and the inverter active current component. This is to reduce high frequency oscillations in the dispatched power obtained from PV generator. Such an extraction of the optimum power is considered as a novelty of this paper. The performance of this is also verified under different fault conditions which is occurred at place of grid system. And the harmonics caused by this system is reduced by using active power filter. The effectiveness of the novel power extraction strategy proposed along with the fuzzy PD+I control of converters results in an enhanced power dispatch and a reduction in the oscillations of the currents.


Electrical Battery Storage Systems (EBSS), Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC), Squirrel Cage Induction Generator (SCIG).

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