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Early Warning System for Landslide Detection Using GTBS Protocol

Chaitali S. Patil, Pushpa M. Bangare


Natural disasters happens for short duration so we cannot predict them easily. Landslides are one of the disaster can cause huge loss to human life and economic damage to roads and other properties. To warn the people in advance Early warning system has been developed based on wireless sensor network technology. WSN has ability to sense and measure environmental parameters and also provide real-time monitoring. However, Sensor’s energy source has limited lifetime. So, energy efficient Green Task-Based Sensing (GTBS) protocol is presented to enhance WSN lifetime. The GTBS scheme uses power adaptation and sleep and wake up techniques to achieve reliable and power saving networks.  So we can prevent wasting of power in unnecessary data transmission. It detects any redundancies in the data. If redundancy is found then the communication is put to sleep mode (Stopped) for the duration. The communication starts only when new data is available (when any sensor crosses the set point). Until then the communication stops which reduces the battery power consumption and increases the network life.


Energy Efficient, GTBS Protocol, Landslide Detection, Network Lifetime

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