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Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm for Mulithop Wireless Sensor Network

S. Kaleeswari, T. Bharathi, Dr. P. Rajeswari


Lifetime enhancement has always been a crucial issue as most of the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) operate in unattended environment where human access and monitoring are practically infeasible. Clustering is one of the most powerful techniques that can arrange the system operation in associated manner to attend the network scalability, minimize energy consumption, and achieve prolonged network lifetime. To conquer this issue, current researchers have triggered the proposition of many numerous clustering algorithms. However, most of the proposed algorithms overburden the Cluster Head (CH) during cluster formation. To overcome this problem, many researchers have come up with the idea of Fuzzy Logic (FL), which is applied in WSN for decision making.

These algorithms focus on the efficiency of CH, which could be adoptive, flexible, and intelligent enough to distribute the load among the sensor nodes that can enhance the network lifetime. But unfortunately, most of the algorithms use type-1 FL (T1FL) model. In this paper, we propose a clustering algorithm on the basis of interval type-2 FL model, expecting to handle uncertain level decision better thanT1FL model.

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