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Current Trends in Mobile Cloud Computing [MCC] Security & Future Research Challenges

Akshata G. Koparde, R. Pinaka Pani


Cloud Computing is a developing zone, and a Combination of Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing is called as Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). MCC coordinates the distributed computing into the versatile condition and defeats snags/obstacles identified with the execution (e.g., battery life, storage, and bandwidth), environment (e.g., heterogeneity, scalability, and availability), and security (e.g., reliability and privacy) in mobile computing. Already there are several security issues in cloud computing as it encompasses many technologies viz. operating systems, networks, databases, etc. In addition, Mobile application integration grabs more security issues into the MCC environments. This proposed system enlightens the current trend in Mobile Cloud Computing Security, role of algorithms, and associated research challenges in which our research would be focusing on using Cryptography.


Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing [MCC], Algorithms, Issues, Challenges, Cryptography, ECC, HECC

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