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Design of Fuzzy Logic Load Intelligent Frequency Controller for Interconnected Power System Network

B. O. Ogbonna, S. N. Ndubuisi, S. Orike


The problem of controlling the frequency of a system under load has been an issue in electrical power systems. Considering the inter-connected network arrangement, a change in load causes variations on the line frequency together with tie line power as well. This work is aimed at bringing to minimum the frequency variations and the power of the tie line and also make sure that the errors due to the steady state of the network are brought to nearly zero. This investigation attempted to design a fuzzy logic load frequency intelligent controller for inter-connected power system that will achieve the above aim. Simulations of this design was carried out in MATLAB Simulink environment. The best result from simulations was analyzed based on inclusion of all the components required. The results showed that the fuzzy logic intelligent controller exhibited the best frequency settling time of 3.5s.


Area Control Error, Fuzzy Logic Controllers, Load Frequency Control, Inter-connected Power System, Tie Line Power.

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