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Performance of Wilkinson Power Divider with Microstrip Electromagnetic Bandgap

Naladala Keerthi, T.V.Rama Krishna, Tummala Ranga Babu


This paper presents a planar power divider with an effective technique for unwanted harmonics suppression. The conventional Wilkinson power divider is composed of two transmission lines, each of which the characteristic impedance is 70.7Ω. Wilkinson power divider loaded with a electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structure. The electromagnetic simulation results obtained by using software shows good agreement with the results obtained by applying basic transmission line theory. The whole design is validated by the full-wave electromagnetic simulation results. The simulation results are in good agreement with each other. This indicates that the structure can effectively be used as a power divider for miniaturized or arbitrary power division ratio applications.


Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG), Harmonic Suppression, Planar, Power Combiner, Power Divider

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