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Wireless Navigation using RFID Network

Kashif I.K. Sherwani, Arindam Chatterjee


Retrieving accurate location information about an object in real-time, as well as any general information pertinent to the object is a key to enabling a robot to perform a task in cluttered, dynamically changing environment. In this paper, we address a novel technique for the guidance of mobile robots to help them identify, locate, and approach a target in our daily environments. To this end, we propose a standard for the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems and develop a prototype that can be easily installed in the existing mobile robots. Specifically, when an RF signal is transmitted from an RF transponder, the proposed RFID system reads the transponder-encoded data and based on the angle of signal arrival, we develop the guidance strategies that enable a robot to find its way to the transponder position. The suggested algorithm is capable of reaching a target point in its priori unknown workspace.


RFID, Localization Robot, FLC

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