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A Survey of Efficient Load Balancing Technique in Cloud Computing

Chirag Bhalara, Ashish Kumar Srivastav


Cloud computing is technology which enhance the network capacity by sharing resources of the node. Cloud comprises of many hardware and software resources and managing these resources play an importance role in executing the service request. Now a day’s, clients from the different location request burst of service request at a time. In this situation the load balancing algorithm should be efficient enough for allocating requested service by fully utilizing the available cloud computing resources.  It need to monitor the resource and allocates it based on the load state of the resources. If there is not proper scheduling of the task, it may be possible that some servers may have more task and some are idle. So, the job is first scheduling the task. The existing approach faces overhead issue in distributed dispatching of task to resources. In this paper, we investigate the different algorithms proposed to resolve the issue of load balancing and task scheduling in Cloud Computing. We discuss and compare these algorithms to provide an overview of the latest approaches in the field.


Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Dynamic Resource Allocation, Virtual Machine.

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