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Metric Based Scheduling Algorithm (MeBaSA) for Scaled Multi-tier Clouds

Ramesh D. Kodi, M. Balavaishnavi


Scheduling in cloud environment is typical than non cloud environment. The algorithms proposed earlier for non cloud environments cannot manage the need of current cloud environment. Because of massive increase of cloud users, it is must to improve the cloud infrastructure. Improving infrastructure physically is cost effective. To minimize the cost, the virtualization technology is used in cloud. Scheduling is the problem while virtualizing the resources. Numbers of algorithms were proposed in the literature. Here in this paper, an improvised Queuing model to decrease the response time for every request in multi tier environment is proposed. Two metrics namely (1) Depth of Tiers and (2) Memory requirement are considered here in this paper to achieve the goal.


Scheduling, Virtualized Machines, Resource Utilization

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