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Effective Shielding of Stressed Network from Flood Attacks

S. Angelin Joy, S. Sariga


Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs) deploy occasional contacts and the mobility of nodes for data transmissions. Connection opportunity and buffer space are the finite network resources and so DTNs are susceptible to flood attacks in which attackers flood the network with many packets or packet replicas as possible, concerning to consume or worn out the confined network resources. This paper involves rate and time limiting to guard against flood attacks in DTNs, such that all nodes have a constraint over the integer of packets that it can produce in each time interval and a restraint over the integer of replicas that it can create for each packet. Our detection adopts Count-Compare-Crimp: each node itself computes the integer of packets or replicas that it has sent and compares the count with the approved limit; all excess packets will be cut down or crimped at the node itself. We provide diligent analysis on the probability of detection, also effectiveness and efficiency of our scheme is calculated.


DTN, Flood Attack, Threats, Security

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