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Redistribution of Load in Cloud Using Load Rebalancing Algorithm with Data Security

R. Rajavadivu, K. Dhanalakshmi


In cloud computing, security plays an important role. Security can be provided by encrypting the data. Another important issue in cloud computing is load balancing. Load balancing in the cloud computing environment has an important impact on the performance. Load balancing makes cloud computing more efficient. The nodes in the cloud simultaneously serve computing and storage functions. To provide security the file is encrypted. The encrypted file is splitted into number of chunks and is stored in various nodes in a balanced manner. The files are splitted dynamically on the basis of number of nodes present in the cloud. In a cloud computing environment, nodes may be upgraded, replaced, and added in the system. Files in the node can be dynamically created and deleted. This result in load imbalance in a cloud environment that is the chunks are not distributed as uniformly as possible among the nodes. In order to rebalance the load in the cloud load rebalancing algorithm is used. Load rebalancing is done by moving the chunks of the file from one node to the neighboring nodes present in the cloud. The load rebalancing algorithm reduces the movement cost which results in less traffic.VM ware offers a cloud environment that implements transferring data’s like as cloud.


Load Rebalancing, Cloud, Security, Storage, Vmware Component.

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