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Location Based Scheduler for Independent Jobs in Computational Grids

P. Karthikeyan, B. Dhiyanesh


The job scheduling system is responsible to select est suitable machines in a grid for user jobs. The management  scheduling system generates job schedules for each machine in the grid by taking static restrictions and dynamic parameters of jobs and machines into consideration. Very cumbersome in large grids and it determines efficiency of grid. In this paper, we propose a Location based scheduler for computational grids. Location based scheduler is used to the job according to the location of the system. In the location based scheduler the resource allocation are done in the globalscheduler and regional scheduler that is why average waiting time is reduced compare to the Non Location Based Scheduler. Proposed system reduces average waiting time and reduces the data traffic. Location based scheduler is claimed to be enhanced, scalable and dynamic. The considered methods have been tested under the grid simulator.


Computational Grid, Job Scheduling, Global Scheduler, Regional Scheduler, Generalized Scheduler, LBS and NLBS

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