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A Crucial Technology to Improve the Performance in Pervasive Computing

G. Rajeswari, B. Nithya, D. Mahendravarman


Mobile Adhoc Network the most important and essential technologies that support future persistent computing scenario where can be exploited in a wide area of applications, from military, emergency rescue, law enforcement, commercial, to local and personal contexts. In the near future, a pervasive computing environment can be expected to be based on the recent progresses and advances in computing and communication technologies. The Next generation of mobile communications will include both prestigious infrastructure wireless networks and novel infra structure-less Mobile Adhoc Networks. With this insight, an empirical study on mobile adhoc network is being conducted. Some of the technical challenges mobile adhoc network poses are also presented. The paper points out some of the key research issues to promote the development and accelerate the commercial applications of the mobile adhoc network technology. The special characters of mobile adhoc network bring the technology with great opportunities and challenges. Therefore recently mobile adhoc network is becoming more interesting research topic and there are few research projects employed by academic and companies all over the world. Meanwhile, some of the routing protocols designed for mobile adhoc network have been proposed as Internet Draft and RFC by IETF. Observing the advantages in the integration of mobile adhoc network with significant features, we surveyed on the areas in addressing and secured routing in mobile adhoc network.


Mobile Adhoc Network,modern technologies,

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