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Improvement and Analysis of Differentiated Service Model for QoS Routing Based on Bandwidth Estimation in Mobile Adhoc Networks

M. Pushpavalli, T. Malarvizhi, Dr.A.M. Natarajan


The Quality of Service (QoS) requirements is technically a challenging issue for routing in MANETs. Due to more internal traffic load in the network and by the injection of more QoS sensitive traffic the current flows and already existed flows cause performance degradation. With the QoS aware routing protocol (AODV) a novel differentiated service model is proposed here and it introduces the appropriate routing metrics like available bandwidth and delay. It provides fast and efficient QoS support while maintaining adapted flexibility and minimizing wasted reservations. With the bandwidth estimation it introduces admission control as a part of the scheme. Our work is investigated with examples for better results with controlled admitted flows and less delay is achieved.


QoS, MANETs, Diffserv, Bandwidth Estimation

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