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Automatic River Pollutant Monitoring & Flood Detection Using Sensor Web

G. Srinivasan, L. Prabahar, B. Muthukrishnavinayagam


The study and objective of this proposed paper is to develop River pollution & flood monitoring system using Sensor Web. Environmental pollution is the major threat to man kind. Another hazard is frequent flooding in India which causes monetary losses as well as life losses every year. Flooding is a growing problem in India and affects a large number of people. Water resources are scarce now days with climatic changes. The Rivers are the main source of water for Drinking & agriculture. Water Pollution in river is serious proposition & to find area where pollution occurs not so easily identified .This system focuses on monitoring on real time basis the River pollutant & water level remotely using sensor node to identify the pollution occurrence area. Data is collected from the sensors using data acquisition device and channel to the control panels which then relay information to the central system using Sensor Web. This Data are processed in the system give real time Data which cab be monitored anywhere using internet & Using Decision support SMS alerts invoked at any node in case abnormal activity like sudden increase in level above limit, likely would of Flood and also for raised pollution level. Flood monitoring will ensures that appropriate warnings earlier time interval to take action to minimize losses The real time information to all stakeholder Through Sensor Web & SMS to stake holder has distinct advantage for pollution monitoring & flood detection in protecting the environment & Risk aversion in Flood situation.


Sensor Web, Internet, Pollution Monitoring, Flood Detection, GPRS Network, Mobile Alert, SMS

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