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An Effectual Integrity Verification with Reliable Mass Data Storage Scheme in Cloud Computing

S.R. Nayana, G. VenifaMini, J.Jeya A Celin


Cloud computing, hitherto a novel technology in modern computing provide the users accessibility to a gamut of resource rich pool of shared computing applications that can be accessed on demand. The cloud data storage service relieves the users from the burden of voluminous local data storage and their maintenance by outsourcing mass data to the cloud. However data outsourcing results in the users losing their physical control of data. The accuracy of data stored in cloud is of paramount importance and this was earlier accomplished by involving a trusted third party to check the integrity of the data. The introduction of a trusted third party may lead to unauthorized exposure of the stored data to other users and also tampering of data. The proposed work envisages an encrypted data integrity checking scheme without a trusted third party auditor to verify the authenticity of the data stored in the cloud by advancing the control of users over their data. This ensures that the data owners have the prospect of securing their sensitive data. This user-centric approach includes data integrity verification and data dynamics. Data Integrity is assured by using ELGAMAL public key cryptography and digital signature scheme. Data dynamics is supported by Merkle B-tree algorithm. Extensive security and performance analysis unequivocally proves that the proposed scheme is highly secure and grossly efficient.


Authenticated Password Key Exchange, Data Integrity, ElGamal Encryption, Merkle B-Tree, Third Party Auditor.

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