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VM Inclusive MeBaSA for Virtualized Multi-tier Cloud

Ramesh D. Kodi, M. Balavaishnavi


MeBaSA is developed to schedule the requests based on their requirements such as Memory size and Depth-of-Tier. In MeBaSA, requests are scheduled in different Virtual Machines (VM) based on Memory Size without analyzing the size variations. The VMs that has huge memory may be wasted because of a single allotment. Utilizing the memory of VMs completely is the main factor in multi-tier clouds. To achieve the above, a revised MeBaSA algorithm for VMInclusive scheduling is presented. It is used to minimize the total number of virtual machines while satisfying memory of virtual machine is the main aim of this algorithm average response time constraints and the requests arrival rate constraints. This algorithm is named as VMInclusive MeBaSA. Saving huge. It shows that cloud virtual machines are allocated accurately with these techniques and cost is effectively reduced.


Cloud Computing, MeBaSA, Multi Tier, Queuing Model, Resource Provisioning, Scheduling, Vertical Scalability, Virtualization, VM Inclusive MeBaSA

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