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Efficient Resource Provisioning using RTUOP Algorithm in Cloud Computing

M. Revatheeswari, P. Saranya


Cloud computing, the information is permanently stored in servers in the internet. From there, the Cloud consumers utilize resources using Virtual Servers and they are charged based on pay-per-use basis. For this, Cloud providers offer two type of provisioning plans, namely On-demand and Reservation plan. They are also called as Short-term and Long-term plan respectively. In general, the reservation plan has minimum cost than on-demand plan. Although the reservation offers the discounted usage price, this option could result in over provisioning and under provisioning problems due to demand uncertainty. Our challenge is to how efficiently use the resource provisioning options under the uncertainty of price and demand. In order to achieve this, we use the Reservation Technique for Under and Over Provisioning (RTUOP) algorithm in the cloud broker. This will minimize the total resource provisioning cost under uncertainties


Cloud Computing, Resource Provisioning, RTUOP, Uncertainty, Virtualization

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