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Implementing ABSM Protocol for VANET

M.S. Bagavathiammal, P. Sivaraman


Now a day’s Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) plays a key role in wireless communication. It uses some special techniques like PBSM (Parameter less Broadcast in Static to highly Mobile), which does not depend on any parameter or threshold value. So the performance of VANET degrades during the packet transmission. To improve the network performance we propose a new technique ABSM (Acknowledged Broadcast from Static to highly Mobile), which is developed upon PBSM for better performance. ABSM needs local information to perform the broadcasting task which is obtained from beacon messages, and it does not increase message overhead because of safety applications. And it creates a broadcast delivery backbone based on a CDS (Connected Dominating Set) heuristic. Vehicles in the CDS choose a shorter time-out, to give them a higher priority to retransmit. This makes ABSM a better technique when compared to PBSM in Vehicular Ad hoc Network.


Broadcasting, Connected Dominating Set, ABSM Protocol, Multicast.

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