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Improving Security and Verifiability of Stored Data in Cloud

N.H. Rajesh, Dr.S. Nagarajan


As Cloud computing is gaining currency, the importance of securing and availing the stored data by the cloud service providers is becoming inevitably important. Large amount of computing and services along with storage facility is provided by the CSPs. Unlike the normal traditional computing where the data was usually stored in one location, the data storage in Cloud is likely stored in several locations and is accessed through the high speed networks. In order to ensure security, we propose a novel way of improving the security of the stored data in cloud computing. The proposal speaks of using Reed Solomon error correction codes for providing reliable data by maintaining redundant files in various locations. Also, we improve the verifiability by utilizing Halton sequence rather than pseudo random data, thereby filling the region avoiding large gaps that generally occur in pseudo random generator


Cloud Computing, Verifiability, Reed-Solomon Error Correction Codes, HALTON Sequence

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