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Proposed Spectrum Handoff Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Fuzzy Logic Control

Shimaa Ali, Mona Shokair, Moawad I. Dessouky, Nagy Messiha, Hala S. El-sayed


This paper investigates the spectrum handoff problem in Cognitive Radio Network. Making the   Handoff decision in wireless networks designs is one of the most challenging issues because the sources of information that available are interpreted qualitatively, inexactly or uncertainly and there are many parameters which have to take into account when the secondary user makes the handoff decision. Secondary user makes handoff if it cannot modify its transmitted power within the tolerable interference limits or if the quality of service received by a secondary user is not satisfactory. This paper proposes a fuzzy based approach that able to make effective spectrum handoff decisions using new information for handoff operation. The parameters data rate, the received power at the secondary user from the primary user and the probability of primary user's occupancy are considered as inputs of the proposed system. Therefore, it reduces the probability of spectrum handoff. Consequently; the performance of Secondary user's communication will be improved.


Cognitive Radio. Fuzzy Logic Control. Spectrum Handoff.

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