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Various Scheduling Algorithm Based on Admission Control for Wireless Sensor Networks

K. Kowsalya, S. Sabitha


In wireless sensor network, Admission Control (AC) is one of the key traffic management mechanisms that should be installed to afford Quality of Service (QoS) support for real-time traffic. A scheduling scheme used by each node in the sensor network plays a vital role for efficient data transfer in the network.  Scheduling link transmissions in a wireless network so as to enhance one or more of the performance objectives (e.g. throughput, delay, or energy) has been the area of much interest over the previous several decades. To avoid the interference between the transmitted packets in the nodes of the networks we use the interference modelling in our system. In our proposed work we study the various scheduling algorithm which enhance the system parameters such as throughput, channel utilization and reduce the delay and packet loss ratio in sensor environment. We also analyse the packet collision rate in various scheduling algorithm.


Admission Control, Scheduling, Wireless Sensor Networks, Throughput, Channel Utilization, Interference Modelling, Hybrid CDMA, Bandwidth.

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