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Real-Time Eye Tracking For Password Authentication

Anusha D Souza, R. Bhavana, Nikitha M Gaikwad, A. Harshitha, Dr. Bhagyashri R. Hanji


For user authentication and security, many techniques are being used. In static authentication, password authentication is done using Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) which require users to input the pin physically, which are prone to attacks via shoulder-surfing. In order to avoid this problem, we can make use of hands-off blink-based PIN entry techniques. This paper focuses on designing a highly secured embedded smart card for the confidentiality of password followed by face detection and eye blinking method for initial authentication process using smart camera for multiple account access through a single swipe of smart card.


Opencv, Pin, Blink, Facial - Landmarks, Radio Frequency Identification, Recognition, Authorized, Unauthorized

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