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Internet Shared Resources Framework

G. S. Nagaraja, Dr. H. V. Ramakrishnan


Resource sharing is also complicated by the absence of a complete and accurate level map of the internet. Without this map, an understanding of the distribution and usage patterns of network resources are limited. The location of routers and links and how they are shared are unknown and obtaining this map is difficult. Existing internet protocols were not explicitly designed for monitoring of further internet service providers (ISP’s).The local networks maps using are only known. In many cases active measurements and observations the network maps are inferred partially the internet’s size, hardware diversity and ISP policy make these maps incomplete and inaccurate. Also, active measurements are limited by administrators who confuse measurement probes for attacks and generate “ abuse reports “ and even legal threats curtail the scope of experiments. What can be done to improve the completeness and accuracy of the map of the internet without causing the ire of network administrators? It is possible to secure and discover shared internet resources without global protocol redeployment or architecture support.

The proposed work is focused on design and evaluation of protocols that secure the internet’s shared resources without requiring network support or global protocol redeployment. The notion of security varies with respect to the attack model. This work demonstrates security in three distinct user assumptions, Co-operative, selfish and malicious users. Novel techniques for increasing the accuracy and completeness of internet topology discovery are designed and evaluated. These techniques leverage existing protocol and hardware features and thus can be implemented on today’s internet.


Convergence, Co-operative, Internet, Leverage, Malicious, Protocol, Resources, Selfish, Security, Sharing

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