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Intrusion Detection System for Protection against Packet Dropping Attack on Distributed Information System in any Organization

K.P Singh, Yogesh Chaba, Gaurav Lodha, Yudhvir Singh


Intrusion detection is the method in which the events happening in a computer system or network are monitored and analyzed for signs of possible incidents, which may be threats of violation of information security policies or standard security practices. Intrusion prevention system makes an attempt to stop detected possible incidents which are threat to security. Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) primarily focuses on detection and prevention of possible incidents which are threat to information security. In this paper a defence against packet dropping attack on Distributed Information System is designed in the form of Intrusion Detection System. Two techniques are implemented for prevention against selfish node intrusion: Enabling Broadcasting (EB) and Selective Multicast Addressing (SMA). EB is a cost-effective intrusion detection and prevention solution to the packet dropping using broadcasting method. The SMA is a solution that limits the number of active addresses flowing i.e. selective multicasting or selective multicast addressing, for an access link in order to find out multiple path for destination node. Performance is evaluated for different parameters and it is found that the proposed system of intrusion detection gives much better performance.


Broadcasting, IDS, Intrusion, Information, Security

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