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Privacy-Preserving in Public Auditing for Secure Cloud

G. Balamurugan, S. Alaudeen Basha, T. Parthiban


Cloud computing is used to store the data and provide the service of on demand applications without any maintenance. There is no need of longer physical maintenance for the data. Moreover, users should be able to just use the cloud storage as if it is local, without worrying about the need to verify its integrity. Public auditability plays the major role for cloud storage. A Third-Party Auditor (TPA) can check the integrity of outsourced data and be worry free. To securely introduce an effective TPA, the auditing process should take in no new vulnerabilities toward user data privacy, and introduce no additional online burden to user. Here cloud storage system is used for the auditing purpose. It should be useful for the multi users. This design should be mainly used for the fast performance in Amazon EC2.


Data Storage, Privacy Preserving, Public Auditability, Cloud Computing, Delegation, Batch Verification.

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