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A Study Based On Different Protocols to Enhance Security for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

Divya Divya, Khateeja Rukshana, Shifana Begum, Akhilraj V. Gadagkar


A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) refers to group of spatially dispersed dedicated nodes called as sensor nodes. In today’s technology WSN has became a key application where efficiently and securely disseminating of data is very much important. So depending on the environment in which network is deployed their regular updating of queries, commands, configuration parameters, variables is necessary. For this it is necessary to spread data through the wireless medium after the nodes are deployed, this is known as data dissemination or network reprogramming. This is done possible by data discovery and dissemination protocol. There two drawbacks faced by all available protocols. First, these protocols are based on centralized approach where only base station can disseminate the data items. Second, all existing protocols are not designed by keeping security in mind. This paper proposes a first distributed data discovery and dissemination protocol (Didrip). Finally the protocols are compared and can be seen that the proposed didrip protocol has better performance.


Sensor Nodes, Dissemination, Discovery, Re-Programming, Protocols.

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