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Data Encryption Using XTEA and OTP Generation for E-Payment System

K. C. Chandana, Deepak B Desai, V. Geetha, S. N. Kavitha, N. Sushmitha


Recently, data security is playing a major role in our day-to-day operations. Securing the Personal Identification Information (PII) is a difficult task. In this paper, two phase authentication process is used to secure the data. CIA triad means Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, are the three main goals offered by the modern Cryptography. In two phase process, the first is OTP generation and verification for authorized users, the second phase of authentication is provided by encrypting the user details before it stores in the database. When the user wants to view the data it decrypts and displays the content. In this paper Extended Tiny Encryption Algorithm (XTEA) is used to encrypt the plain text into cipher text and also decrypt the cipher text into plain text. XTEA is a block cipher which uses a 64-bit block size and 128 bit key. Main aim of this paper is to provide security for the PII.



Security; PII; OTP; XTEA; Encryption and Decryption; Cipher Text; Plain Text.

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