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IoT Smart Parking System

N. Sachin Kumar, Prasad Kumar, S. Akshay Kumar, Kamleshwar Kumar Yadav


With the increase in population and rapidly growing economy, the use of private means of transportation is also increasing. In Metropolitan Cities people prefer to travel by own vehicles as a convenient means of transport. With this, finding a proper and safe parking space is difficult. but most of them have not addressed the problem of real-time detection of improper parking and automatic collection of parking charges. Thus, there is a need to find an assistive and efficient technology which would reduce the effort of searching a parking lot in highly dense areas. In order to overcome these problems, the below proposed system is implemented by using IoT Technologies. This paper aims at improving user’s time value and convenience in a parking system. And security for parking system. Sensors used in this System is an infrared sensor which determines whether the parking slot is occupied or unoccupied. These sensors are connected to the Raspberry Pi


Raspberry pi, RFID, IR Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Parking System.

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