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Security Issues and Milestones in Cloud Infrastructure

S. Subbiah, T. Sowkarthika


The computational world is becoming very large and complex. Cloud computing has emerged as a popular computing model to support processing large volumetric data using clusters, commodity computers. Acording J.Dean and s.Ghemawat[1], google currently processes over 20 terabyte of raw web data. Some fascinating large scale processing of data that makes your head spin and appreciate the years of distributed computing fine tuning applied to todays large problems. The evolution of cloud computing can handle such massive data as per on demand service. Nowadays the computational world is opting for pay for use model and hype discussion aside, their remain no concrete definition of cloud computing. I first develop the comprehensive taxonomy for cloud computing architecture and also the security issues in the cloud computing. How we have to secure the data.


Highly abstracted resources,flexibility,Cloud customers need assurance

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