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Implementing ACERL TCP in Wireless Environment using Adaptive Retransmission

Ashwini A. Jewalikar, Amar R. Buchade


TCP CERL is an enhancement of TCP in presence of random losses .To improve TCP Throughput of TCP in wireless environment, we simulated Adaptive CERL and compared it with CERL and New Reno for various realistic scenarios such as variable loss rate, delay, buffer size and bandwidth. We found that ACERL gives 3 % improved throughput than CERL and 67 % than New Reno in presence of variable loss rate in wireless environment. ACERL is experimented for scenarios like, single connection and multiple connections and found efficient for single connection scenario. The results entail the possibility to use ACERL in wireless environment subject to variable loss rate.


Tcp Congestion Control, Retransmission, Selective Repeat , Go-Back-N.

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