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The Role of E-Commerce-A Competitive Advantage in Marketing of Products

J. Sridevi, K. Senthilkumar


Today the whole world is facing an "electronic” change affecting the way people communicate as well as transforming the entire value chain from producers and retailers to consumers. Traditional exchanges between individuals and firms have been revolutionized. This is often the point at which the need for a coherent Internet marketing strategy becomes apparent. Internet shopping is becoming a well-accepted way to purchase a variety of products and services. E-commerce enables consumers to save money and to choose among an increased range of products, especially when products are not available locally or nationally. However, while the use of online shopping is developing at national level, this is less so for cross-border sales. The increasing numbers of companies that offer Internet access are providing consumers with a convenient and inexpensive way to become members of the Internet community. This paper aims at finding out the effectiveness of E-commerce in the marketing of products and is an effective commercial means than traditional, providing an alternative marketing channel by eliminating middleman.


E-Commerce, Internal Market, Marketing Channel, Middleman, Traditional Exchanges.

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